Lovingly designed and beautiful crafted, our bikes for fill all the needs of a cyclist looking for a reliable bicycle with that vintage flair. All sporting traditional fixed gearing, allowing riding to be as authentic and responsive as possible. Look no further.


- Cambridge -

The bike that will always get you where you need to be, whether thats involves a city commute or a Sunday ride through the country. Sporting a heavy spring Brooks saddle, ride time will never be an issue on your mind.


- York -

The true comfort racer. Getting to point B fast is no problem for the York but does not sacrifice comfort while doing it featuring the semi-sprung Brooks saddle. Curved pacing bars provide the stance needed for those sprint moments.


- Bristol -

Our fastest sprinter, the Bristol sports a smaller fixed gear allowing for quick acceleration. ‘Tucked in’ style of bars allows for a sleek riding stance. Opting for a lighter style of saddle and sleeker framework, speed will not be an issue.


- Oxford -

Our midrange sprinter, similarly to the Bristol, the Oxford features a lightweight saddle and a slim framework design to cut down on weight. Geared for a medium sprint you will have just that extra push over the distance.


- Reading -

The ultra lightweight! The Reading features a high gear along side of our lightest frame ever made to perform perfectly at high speeds. Made for fast touring scenarios, adaptable bars will suit any stance of riding.


- Canterbury -

Our quintessential vintage style bike, the Canterbury is out only bike that features front and back breaks while also sticking to the fixed gearing. Triple sprung, our handmade Bikeshop saddle will give you peace of mind you deserve.