What started out as a small project between friends quickly grew into a company that now ships to a global market. From a couple of mates in a shed to people riding our bikes in Tokyo, its been a crazy few years. Us at The Bikeshop pride ourselves on providing a top notch product at a great price, allowing you to get to work on time and look great doing it.



Meet The Bikeshop Team! These legends are the ones designing, building and marketing the bikes that we hope you will fall in love with.

Thomas Moore

The Boss

Oliver Waters

Meme Meister

Toby Kalkman

Absolute Don


Sadly no longer in a shed at the bottom of Tom’s garden, but this is where you can find us! Come test ride one of our handcrafted bikes, pick up an order or just come say hi and grab a coffee. Open 7 days a week, 9 - 5!